We are constantly striving to find the most economical ways to ship products to our customers.  Chaos Customs Inc will try to ship from the distributor closest to you, to save shipping costs and save time in getting your order to you.

To simplify comparing prices between Chaos Customs Inc and other on-line retailers, we have a simple shipping policy:

Most orders are flat rate $10.00 shipping as many items as you want to one address.

Orders containing ammunition are $13.95 up to 30lbs.

Orders containing handguns are $15.00.  Since all firearms are shipped to an FFL holder, if you order several items, there will be a separate $10.00 charge for the other items to go your home.

Orders containing hazardous materials, i.e. smokeless powder, black powder, and primers incur an additional $20.00 charge on top of the basic $10.00.

If for some reason you don't see the correct amount in the shopping cart during checkout, please send an e-mail to

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